Pool Rules

To our guests:

Welcome to the Chalet Village Owner’s Club. We are glad you and your family are here. The Chalet Village recreational facilities are used by very diverse groups and it is our intention to create an atmosphere which is enjoyable to everyone.

Owners and guests that wish to use the facilities must have the proper pass. We cannot allow anyone into the facilities without the correct pass. If you are an owner and need a pass, you may contact the office Monday-Friday between 9:00AM – 5:00PM at 865-436-4440. If you are an overnight rental guest, you must obtain the passes through your rental company or the individual you rented from.

In the interest of all of our guests, we ask that you help us with the following:

* Please be respectful and considerate of other guests at all times!
* Please watch your language as it may be offensive to others and there are usually children present!
* If you bring a music source, please keep the volume down so that only you and your party can enjoy it.
* Be certain that you and your guests obey the instructions of the pool monitors, they are here for your safety and the safety of the Club and they are only doing their jobs, they do not make the rules.


* In the event of lightning or thunder, the pool monitor must close the pool for 30 minutes following the last seen strike. This is not negotiable! The pool monitor will notify all guests when they may swim again.
* The pool will be closed for swimming during any rain storm. The pool monitor will notify guests when swimming can resume.
* If the pool monitor must correct/discipline any member of your party, they will receive 2 warnings. The third time, your entire party will be asked to leave the facilities for the remainder of the day and your pass will be flagged.
* In the event any member of your party is disruptive to the point where the police are called, your pass will be revoked.
* Please keep any consumption of alcohol discreet and under control. NO GLASS OF ANY KIND IS ALLOWED ON THE POOL DECK. If you have glass bottles, keep them in your vehicle and we will be happy to give you plastic cups to pour your beverage into. Again, no glass is allowed on the pool deck.
* Water toys and floats are permitted when space allows. However, it is essential that the pool monitors see everyone in the water. Therefore, float use will be at pool monitors’ discretion. Arm floaties and baby floats are permitted at any time.
* Children 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
* There is no headfirst diving or flips permitted at any pool at any time.
* You must stay off the safety ropes.
* No running or roughhousing is permitted.

Please remember the person signing the log as the registered guest is responsible for all members in their party. Thank you for your assistance in making this a great place for everyone to enjoy!