Dear Chalet Village Family:

It is with such a heavy heart that I write this update. Many of you have called and emailed asking for information and unfortunately, I have not been able to see anything with my own eyes because of active fires and gas leaks.

I know that The North side of Chalet Village was hit the hardest and almost everything on that side is gone. Wiley Oakley, Village Loop, Village Place, Crooked Ridge, Pinecrest, Pinecrest Court, Sourwood, Oakley Way, Piney Butt, Piney Butt Loop, Daisy Lane, all sustained massive losses. There are so many more that I do not have confirmation on at this time.

I have heard that properties on the South side of Ski Mtn Road seemed to escape the flames. Stans, Luzerne, Luzerne Court, Zurich, Arbon, Arbon Lane, South Baden, North Baden and Nordic,
are all standing.

I will post the others as I have confirmation. I have heard conflicting reports on Upper and Lower Alpine, Alpenrose, Bavarian Way and I do NOT want to be part of the misinformation mill.

Here is what I do know. Many of you have lost everything, ALL of us lost something and we are ALL in this together. I promise you that we as an organization will do all we can to assist in whatever areas we can.

I believe that the South Baden Clubhouse was spared. If we are that blessed, I will be opening the clubhouse for you to meet with insurance adjusters, contractors and any others that may need to have a chair and some fresh air. We may not have power or internet service but you will be welcome to a clean, dry chair.

I have talked to representatives from the electric company, and Charter. I have heard conflicting reports regarding electric. The ground crews are saying 2-3 weeks before we have power. However; the actual SCES office says many will have power by the end of the weekend. Charter has said that they have lost the infrastructure and will have to run all new fiber optic cables from downtown, up the mountain and then back down before service can be restored.which could take 6 weeks or longer. Again, please do not take this as gospel, very few people have actually been ON the mountain that were not actively involved in fighting the fires. Once the right people assess the situation we will have more reliable information.

I am working hard to put together lists of reliable and trustworthy contractors of all kinds. Please exercise caution when hiring people to rebuild your homes. This is unfortunately the very situation that will bring in the shady in and out “throw together crews” from out of state. Please be wise in pre-paying for anything. My heart hurts to think that in this time of trouble you all may be faced with this additional burden. Hopefully with referrals from you all, and our local community, together we can build our own network.

I have some volunteers ready to help and assist however they can with clean up and whatever they can. When you know your need please let me know. It may take me a quick minute to pull the right team together but we will get it done.

I have two groups right now willing to assist CVOC homeowners specifically with immediate and long term needs. If your family or someone you know needs assistance, food, clothing, housing, jobs, toys, diapers, etc., please send me an email at with name and contact info and if you know the specific need that would help and I will try put the right people in touch with them.

Please know that our hearts are all broken, we are all feeling pain and loss, for those that lost everything, We do understand and we are hurting for you and with you. Please remember that we have families in our community that not only lost property but loved ones that cannot be rebuilt or replaced. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as you deal with your own losses. If we can all be God’s hands and feet, reach out to our neighbors and pitch in where needed and just show love and compassion, we CAN and WILL get through this. I promise you that although the road will be long and windy, Your association will be with you and along side you in every way that we are able. If We all stand together and commit to rebuilding our community and lift each other up we will bounce back.

I am but one person but I am personally committed to help each of you as I am able.

You are all in my heart and prayers.

*for now, email is the only tool we have for communication. remember